Do you take other types of payment?

Yes I do accept payment through Cash App, Venmo and Zelle. Please contact me ASAP if you want to pay for an item another way before it is bought by another customer through the website. 

If you are a Las Cruces/El Paso local, contact me ASAP if you would like to pay cash for an item as well.

Can I upgrade my keychain charm to necklace?

YES I am open to upgrading your charm to a necklace chain! To do that you go to the necklace category and select your chain color. I highly recommend you choose a chain color that matches the frame of your charm. The chains will be listed at $3.00 since the charms are $7.00. 

When should I expect my item to be delivered? 

If you purchase an item through the website, the item is already made and will be shipped out the following business day. After I ship out your item it should not take more than 2 weeks to be delivered to your door step, (it usually takes 1 week, but occasionally there are delays in delivery that I have no control over). If you are a Las Cruces/El Paso local, PLEASE contact me to let me know the best time so I am able to deliver to you personally.  If you want to order a custom piece, I will make your item within a week depending on the product and how many orders I have. You are looking at 2-3 weeks for custom delivery orders I will keep you updated during the creation process.

Is the resin that you work with toxic?

The brand of resin I work with is CRAFT RESIN creative liquid. For everyone’s safety it is a non toxic, low viscosity and has a high gloss clear coat. The resin is odorless and non flammable, curing time is approximately 24 hours. 

When do you restock? 

My restock dates are not set in stone at the moment. I am shooting for at least every 2 weeks so I am able to put out my best work for everyone.  

Will you have other resin products?

I am working with various molds to create other resin made items to add to this site. Be on the look out on my instagram because I often post sneak peeks. 

How do I order a custom item? 

To order a custom item please first know that there will be a 50% deposit that is non refundable. I will not start on your product until I have received the deposit via Cash app, Venmo, Zelle etc. When ordering a custom item you can contact me via email on my "contact" page, or through social media and I will get back to you with any questions, ideas, or comments as soon as I can.  Please  try to be as specific as possible so I can try my best to meet your needs.

What items do you have to add to the resin?

I have craft glitter, mica power, and alcohol oils in all colors to make the resin really stand out from the simple clear effect. I do have real pressed flowers in almost any color to create a beautiful image. I have shimmer glitter letters to spell out any sentence, name, or even just initials in any color. If there is something specific you were looking for, send me an email and I will try my best to satisfy your needs.

What are the dimensions of your Ash trays? 

(L x W x D in inches)

Heart - 3 x 4 1/2 x 3/4”

Hexagon - 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 1/2”

Square - 3 1/2 x 3 1/3 x 3/4”

If you look at the description on each ash tray the measurements will be listed as well.

What is the best way to reach you? 

I am checking Instagram (@littlemisslyss_) pretty often just to stay connected with you guys. You can direct message me anytime with questions or concerns. Just click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of the menu tab. The “Contact Me” page would be great as well, I will email you back within an hour. 

What if something happened to my piece during shipping? 

If your item is damaged during shipping I will 100% make you a new piece or refund you fully. You will just need to contact me and provide a picture of the damages to the piece. 


If for any reason you have a problem or concern with the product please feel free to contact me ASAP so I could find a way to fix your concern.